Posted on Nov 6, 2019

La Bella Nail Spa

⭐️Here's a client having just completed eyebrows using microblading technique. Once this client has a touch-up in 1 month, the results will look even better!⭐️

When choosing a Microblading artist, carefully look at their portfolios.
🛑 Are the "hair" lengths, thickness, and spacings natural-looking or does each stroke look the same?
🛑 Are the "hairs" shaped like natural hairs or do they look like straight lines?

👉Every face is different and the shape of the eyebrow is key to accentuating your eyes and your overall look.

📌Your artist should take time to give recommendations, and then draw and re-draw your eyebrows until it's exactly as you would like it to be before starting the procedure.
****Call La Bella Salon at (765) 896-8339 and ask for a free Microblading Consultation with Trish.****
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